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Steel Windows Workshop company specialises in production ,sale and installation of interior and exterior steel windows, doors and screens. Our steel profiles allows us to create ultra – slim windows and doors . The combination of the inherent strength of steel with smart design gives architects the freedom to be creative with large glazing areas .

The SWW slim profile is specially designed for architects to enjoy the freedom to incorporate tall and very thin – framed glazed doors and walls into their schemes.

The very thin sightline of the SWW profile integrates perfectly into the design of a building, being almost invisible or enhancing the features of a building by playing with lines, colours and geometry.

System combines superior characteristics in terms of strength, smoke and fire proofing and outstanding elegance.

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A lever-handle in the loft-style or traditional? Or maybe a steel pull handle? Transparent tempered glass or matte laminated glass? Black, deep matte that subtly enhances the style, or pearly red? 900 mm or 800mm wide door, or maybe a customised solution? Fully glazed door, a door with a bottom panel, 4 or 8 panels inside? Safe bottom panel. Choose a solution that meets your needs and taste.




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